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Comments to FDA on Naloxone in Community Settings

October 6, 2016

SUBMISSION TO FDA’s JOINT ANESTHETIC & ANALGESIC DRUG PRODUCTS & DRUG SAFETY & RISK MANAGEMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEES The expansion of access to naloxone to laypersons for use outside of hospital settings has become a core strategy at both the federal and state levels in responding to the prescription opioid and heroin overdose epidemic. Layperson access […]

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Recovery Month Roundtable: Harm Reduction & Recovery

September 28, 2016


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Holding Space for the Unredeemed: Harm Reduction and Justice

September 26, 2016

I spent last Friday in Chicago at the Midwest Harm Reduction Institute’s annual conference. The theme was Growing from Our Roots: This year’s conference theme reflects the importance of honoring the roots of harm reduction. We are thrilled to see harm reduction discourse and practice entering the broader workplace and world. At the same time we must […]

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Can Not Sideline Hepatitis in Opioid Epidemic Response

September 23, 2016

We commend President Obama for his recognition of the many Americans who have died due to overdose and opioid drug use in proclaiming Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week. The work the White House and Congress has done to address the most visible layer of the nation’s issues with opioid use is laudable.  Expansion […]

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Supervised Drug Consumption: Evidence-Based Public Health

September 22, 2016

INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES TO PREVENT OVERDOSE & REDUCE HARM President Obama proclaimed this week as Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week. In the Proclamation he asks us to “pause to remember all we have lost” and “recognize the importance of raising awareness of the epidemic.” With more than 28,000 people lost every year to heroin and other opioid overdose, public awareness […]

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Mitigating the Harmful Health Consequences of Incarceration

September 20, 2016

TIME TO REIMAGINE THE FAILED CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM President Obama proclaimed this week as Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week. In the Proclamation President Obama asks us to “pause to remember all we have lost” and “recognize the importance of raising awareness of the epidemic.” With more than 28,000 people lost every year to […]

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Letter from our new Executive Director Monique Tula

September 14, 2016


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Stand Against Shaming of People Who Use Drugs

September 14, 2016


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Day of Rage for Mumia

September 7, 2016

HEP C TREATMENT IN PRISONS: A LEGALLY BINDING HUMAN RIGHTS OBLIGATION On September 7th, 2016 activists are holding a day of actions in reaction to Mumia Abu-Jamal being denied lifesaving treatment for the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). At 11am they are holding a press conference outside the Philadelphia Health Center at S. Broad & Lombard, […]

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Awareness is Not Enough—It is Time for Action to End Overdose Deaths in NYC

August 30, 2016

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day, a day for mourning and activism. Our nation has finally become aware of the scope of this epidemic.  Overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, a talking point for presidential candidates and President Obama himself. In New York City, we have been hit particularly […]

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