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Supervised Consumption Services

Safer drug consumption services (SCS) are designated sites where people can use pre-obtained drugs under the safety and support of trained personnel. Over the last 30 years, SCS have been implemented across 100+ sites in 60+ cities in 11 countries around the world.

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Group of people tabling and conducting community education on supervised injection services
Credit: Harm Reduction Coalition

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Supervised Consumption Services

An Effective Harm Reduction Strategy

SCS connect people to support services, including housing placement and drug treatment. Over the last three decades, SCS have demonstrated numerous benefits including:

Contrary to what one might assume, SCS do not increase drug use, crime or bring drug use into communities. And they can save millions of dollars a year.

Preventing overdose

Reduction in HIV and hepatitis C transmission

Reducing injection-related infection

Reduction of public injections

Safe disposal of syringes

Increased access to medical and social services

Supervised Consumption Services in the US

Harm Reduction is pushing for progress toward implementing SCS in the United States, but we have much work to do. In July 2021, Rhode Island became the first state to authorize supervised consumption services in the US. Later that year, two sites opened in NYC.

We’ll continue to share where we are, how far we have left to go, and the milestones and victories that happen along the way.

Get the scoop on where we are, policy challenges we face, SCS models, benefits, local campaigns, and more.

We partnered with other groups in New York City to discuss implementing SCS locally. See what we learned.

Case for Supervised Consumption Services

We hold a vision of supportive environments for people who use drugs in this country. We hope that in the not-so-distant future we’ll be curating photos and best practices of SCS sites here at home; until then we’ll share tools and info from other countries that have been doing this for more than 30 years.

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