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Community leaders around the country are advocating for policy reform at the local, state and national levels to increase access to evidence-based harm reduction strategies.

Our policy and advocacy efforts aim to eliminate the existing disparities that people who use drugs face when it comes to accessing healthcare or basic human services. We’re building power with local leaders to address racialized drug policies that put people who use drugs in harm’s way.

How We Affect Change

National Harm Reduction Coalition is a trusted voice and ally from city hall to Capitol Hill. We engage in constructive conversations with communities, legislators and public health organizations to promote harm reduction services and change the narrative about people who use drugs. Most importantly, we focus on supporting local advocates to have the tools they need to build leadership and power in their own communities. We offer:

Harm reduction resources for advocates

Support for alliance & coalition building

Policy analysis

Direct advocacy with policymakers

Strategies at the Center of Our Policy Work

Syringe Access

Overdose Prevention

Quality Healthcare

Medication for Opioid Use Disorder

Safer Consumption Sites

Supporting Intersectional Issues

Support Syringe Access in All 50 States

Access to sterile syringes is an evidence-based public health service that reduces HIV and hepatitis C infection rates by as much as 50 percent.

We’re working with community leaders and policy makers around the country to mobilize communities to ensure syringe access in all 50 states. See where your state stands.

Syringe Access Landscape Report

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Data to Support Policy Change

Data exists to substantiate the effectiveness of these harm reduction strategies. If you’re advocating for policies to better support people in your community who use drugs, here are some facts to build your case.

Advocate for Change. Join the Movement.

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