Building power and equity with people who use drugs

through access, advocacy and action

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National Harm Reduction Coalition creates spaces for dialogue and action that help heal the harms caused by racialized drug policies.

“Join us as we fight to protect the rights and bodily autonomy of people who use drugs. Because harm to one is harm to us all.”

Monique Tula, speaking from the podium at an event

Monique Tula (she/her)

Executive Director

We Work for the Harm Reduction Movement.

National Harm Reduction Coalition builds evidence-based
strategies with and for people who use drugs.

We’re fueled by a commitment to bring these solutions to scale. Here’s what that looks like:

Build the harm

reduction movement

Infuse harm

reduction with

racial justice

End the overdose


Expand syringe

access to all 50 states

Be a Catalyst for Love, Justice, Community and Connection.

Together, we can create a world healing from harms, free from judgement and built on equity.

End the Overdose Crisis

We have the tools to prevent fatal overdose deaths. National Harm Reduction Coalition ensures more communities have access to these tools.

Nearly 70,000 people died from drug overdose last year. The work of the Harm Reduction movement is a matter of life and death.

Learn more about our overdose prevention efforts.

“This is about people who use drugs saving each other. If your community is wondering what you can do to reduce overdose, get naloxone into the hands of people who use drugs.”

Kristen Marshall (she/her)

DOPE Project Manager

photo of a man with a walker outside of a building with a sign that reads, "6th Street Syringe Access Services, Needle Exchange."
Credit: Holly Bradford

Expand Syringe Access

When people who inject drugs lack access to safe supplies, they can be exposed to unnecessary risk of contracting infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

Syringe access programs reduce this risk by as much as 50%. And they offer a place to connect with other resources like housing, health care, and drug treatment.

We’re launching a national syringe access campaign to mobilize communities to ensure syringe access in all 50 states.

What does syringe access look like in your state?

Learn how you can help.

Building Programs, Building
Power – Together

We build stronger harm reduction programs through training, technical assistance, and grant-making.

It takes millions of people working together to create cultural change. We deliver thousands of hours of training each year to help hundreds of organizations learn and implement harm reduction practices.

Connect with us for training

Through advocacy and action, we seek to change policies that place people who use drugs in harm’s way.

Learn more about our policy & advocacy work.

We build power with local leaders to create supportive environments for harm reduction to thrive in their communities.

Join Us for Our Next National Conference

Due to COVID-19, the 13th National Harm Reduction Conference is postponed to 2022. We’re excited for when we can come together to ignite, connect, and build personal and political power.

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Two people hugging during a conference
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Meet the Harm Reduction Community

The power of our community is greater than the sum of our parts. Our creativity, power, knowledge, and lived experience is vast. And we hold a shared vision of a world rallying together and healing itself from harm.

Get to know the people of the harm reduction movement.