Where faith and harm reduction meet to imagine the movement for justice with people who use drugs.

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Faith & Harm Reduction

Faith in Harm Reduction is the only program in the country dedicated to building capacity and mobilizing communities at the intersection of harm reduction and faith-based organizing. Born from conversations with communities of faith, harm reduction organizations, and unions of people who use drugs throughout the United States, this program fills a unique role as connector, community mobilizer, and capacity builder.

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Focused on Our Mission. Led by Our Purpose.

Faith in Harm Reduction is on a mission to strengthen support for harm reduction messages, policies and practices that uphold the divinity and dignity of people who use drugs. We aim to strengthen spiritual resources, health, and well-being for communities affected by the opioid crisis.

We work in partnership with people who use drugs and community leaders to:

Advance liberation, health, and wholeness for communities impacted by overdose, trauma, stigma of substance use, and racialized drug policy.

Expand support for harm reduction messages, practices, and policies through resource development, capacity building, events, and community mobilization.

Grow spiritual community, co-create theological and liturgical language which speaks to lived experience

Build collective & integrative practices that transform the imprint of trauma and oppression on people who use drugs.

Reshape the moral narrative on substance use through education, messaging, and community building – centering the divinity and dignity of people who use drugs.

Harm Reduction Values Rooted in Faith

Harm reduction is holy, faith-full resistance, rooted in love and unapologetically insistent on justice.

It is the expression of radical welcome, the welcoming of all stories and paths. Harm reduction calls people by name, and attends to and cherishes the particularities.

It is a hospitality that seeks people out, meets them where they are and invites them into loving community.

Harm reduction is love that stands with awe at the hardships that people carry, rather than stands in judgment at how they carry it.

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