Support Access to Harm Reduction Services

Are you looking for a way to contribute to evidence-based strategies to curb the overdose crisis and support people who use drugs in your community?

Our work is fueled in part by passionate community members. Whether you have just a few dollars to spare or want to become a monthly donor, your support enables us to educate, engage, and scale services for people who use drugs and their communities.

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Where Your Dollars Go

We put every donation to work to build capacity and scale access to harm reduction strategies and solutions. Your tax-deductible donation helps provide:

National organizing and advocacy that saves lives and promotes social change

Low-cost trainings to community members across the country

Free resources for the entire community to support the growth of our movement

Reduced rates and scholarships for NHRC regional and national conference attendees

Donation Options
that Work for You

We strive to make supporting our work as easy as possible. You can support a specific initiative or honor someone’s life or memory with a general gift.

Whether you have just a dollar to spare or want to make a larger monthly donation, every dollar helps support our mission to promote the health and dignity of individuals and communities affected by drug use.

Make a one-time donation online.

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Donate by phone.

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Mail a donation.

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Harm Reduction Champions

Harm Reduction Champions are active donors who support National Harm Reduction Coalition with a monthly contribution.

Become a Harm Reduction Champion to help advance and sustain our work.
Here’s what you can support with a monthly gift:



You care about Harm Reduction and want to help sustain it by investing in our training institutes, biennial national conference, and various resources created for harm reduction groups around the country.



You want to see rapid response to emerging trends in drug use, expanded syringe access, and overdose prevention in all 50 states and Puerto Rico by doubling-down on our existing work.



You want to see the movement grow by centering the leadership of people who use drugs through training, organizational development, regional conferences, new online training modules, and mentorship programs.



You want to contribute to creative and innovative approaches to improving the health and well-being of people most vulnerable to structural violence.

Thank You to All Our Supporters

We could not do this work without the help of our valued supporters. It takes a movement to create global change.

Meet the people and organizations who support our work.