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Safer Drug Use

We recognize that using drugs introduces risk – but there are ways to make it safer. People can reduce their risk of HIV, hepatitis C, overdose, and other drug-related harms by applying evidence-based harm reduction strategies around safer drug use.

We offer basic information about drug use and safer-use tips for people who use drugs and providers to get on the same page.

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Harm reduction supplies from the Plumas County Syringe Access and Disposal Program
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Explore our resource library for practical resources to promote the health and dignity of people affected by drug use. You’ll find up-to-date fact sheets, webinars, manuals, training guides, and more.

What Is Safer Drug Use (and Why Does It Matter)?

Safer drug use is about lessening the risk of adverse outcomes from using drugs. There are many reasons someone may be using drugs – and there are other factors besides just drug use itself that can put people in harm’s way. This is why we provide resources to contextualize drug use, why people use drugs, and ways to make it safer depending on your situation.

These evidence-based harm reduction strategies are proven to reduce the risk of overdose and infections related to drug use.

Safer Drug Use Means Using Safe Supplies

Access to safe supplies and sterile syringes reduces the risk of contracting infectious diseases from injecting drugs. There are over 400 syringe service programs (SSPs) in the U.S.

There are over 400 syringe service programs (SSPs) in the U.S.

Get connected with a SSP.

Safer Drug Use Means Being Informed

No one knows what’s best for you better than you. Whatever drugs you use, we want you to be safe and healthy. Here are some guides we’ve put together to help you make safe choices.

Safer Drug Use Means Being Prepared

If you use drugs, or know people who do, it’s important to be prepared in the event of an overdose. Know what to do if you’re with someone who is overdosing.

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