Harm Reduction Meeting

The Harm Reduction Movement

National Harm Reduction Coalition works for the Harm Reduction movement built on a belief in and respect for the rights of people who use drugs. Our strategies include building leadership among people who use drugs and supporting communities in reducing the negative consequences associated with drug use.

If you long to live in a world that supports the health and dignity of people who use drugs, join the movement today.

Harm Reduction is a Movement for Social Justice.

Its roots emerged from activist movements demanding equity and justice. Understand where it started and how it’s grown through today.

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Harm Reduction is Fueled by Community

Millions of people across the country are working together to support community resilience and push back on inequitable systems.

We work for the movement, fueled by the belief that people most impacted by the war on drugs should hold the mic.

Harm Reduction is Built on 8 Principles

Harm reduction includes a spectrum of strategies such as: safer use, managed use, abstinence, and meeting people who use drugs “where they’re at.” While harm reduction programs continue to evolve, there are eight principles that we hold central to this work.

Harm Reduction Needs You. Join the Movement.

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