Who We Are

It started in 1993. More than a decade of government neglect and abandonment had left people who use drugs vulnerable to the AIDS epidemic.

A handful of individual activists, educators, and people who used drugs began launching grassroots efforts to support members of their communities who were dying from this brutal disease. Brought together by their love and compassion for people who use drugs, these individuals formed a small working group that became the start of the Harm Reduction movement.

Members of the original Harm Reduction Working Group holding each other, sitting on a flight of stairs
Original Harm Reduction Working Group - 1992
Three people engaged in a conversation
Credit: Unknown

The last 30 years have been a long, hard, wild ride — filled with triumphs and challenges. We’ve lost countless friends and loved ones along the way and touched the lives of so many more. The heartache and hope for a brighter tomorrow drives us on.

Three decades later, National Harm Reduction Coalition is a nationwide advocate and ally for people who use drugs. We are a catalyst and incubator, repository and hub, storyteller and disseminator for the collective wisdom of the harm reduction community.

Left, a mans' hand holding a post it note which says harm reduction saved my life; right, close up on the man's face looking at the camera
Credit: Luceo
Group of 19 people sitting in chairs arranged in a circle, in discussion
Credit: Precision

Our team of conveners, trainers, advocates, and spokespeople is located from coast to coast. These leaders work alongside individuals, communities, advocates, and outreach organizations to ensure the health and dignity of all people.

Our Mission and North Star

National Harm Reduction Coalition’s mission is to promote the health and dignity of individuals and communities affected by drug use. As a national advocacy and capacity building organization, we aim to shift power and resources to people most vulnerable to structural violence and racialized drug policies.

Our North Star Statement is our guide.

National Harm Reduction Coalition creates spaces for dialogue and action that help heal the harms caused by racialized drug policies

See Our Work in the World

Change at this scale takes innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and hard work. National Harm Reduction Coalition is on the front lines every day fighting with and for people who use drugs to shift power and resources to people most impacted by structural violence.

Check out some of our real world work.

“National Harm Reduction Coalition is simultaneously at the vanguard of national harm reduction efforts and on the ground funding crucial grassroots work in areas that have been under-supported and undervalued.”

Corrine Green (she/her),

Board of Directors

Meet the Team on the Scenes

Our greatest strength has always been our people. We would be nothing without the passionate leaders and contributors driving our work forward.

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It takes all of us working together to write a new story. Join the movement.