Training Guide

Overview of Supervised Consumption Services in the United States



Photo of the main desk and sterile injection stations inside a safe injection site. Each station is numbered and has a divider with a sharps container attached to it.
Credit: Drug Policy Alliance


What are supervised consumption services (SCS)?

Safer drug consumption services (SCS) are designated sites where people can use drugs under the safety and supervision of trained personnel. Over 100 sites exist in 67 cities in eleven countries around the world. After 30 years of operations, SCS have demonstrated to: prevent overdose, HIV and hepatitis C transmission, injection-related infection, and public disposal of syringes. SCS promote engagement and referrals to other support services, including housing placement and drug treatment. Contrary to popular belief, they do not increase drug use, crime, or bring drug use into communities. And they save millions of dollars a year.


Supervised consumptions services go by other names that may or may not have differences in their operations…