Training Guide

Overview of Supervised Consumption Services in the United States



photo of a woman smiling and handing supplies to another person inside a safe injection site
Credit: MSIC


What are the key benefits of supervised consumption services?

Over 30 years of research has indicated that supervised consumption services offer a variety of benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Overdose: Reduce fatal overdose by responding to overdoses onsite that may otherwise have occurred in another condition that may or may not have naloxone or a responder with the person .
  2. Health: Reduce injection-related infections like HIV, hepatitis C, and bacterial infections by having space and supplies for unrushed injections in sterile conditions.
  3. Connection: Improve connection to health and drug treatment services for participants accessing the SCS.
  4. Public safety: Reduced public injection and discarded syringes in the community due to injections and disposal happening on the premises.
  5. Cost: Save millions of dollars due to averted HIV infections alone.