Training Guide

Overview of Supervised Consumption Services in the United States

SCS Models

A person speaking into a microphone, wearing a sweatshirt that says, "harm reduction saves lives."
Credit: Corinne Green
A man wearing a Vocal New York hoodie, looking up with his hands held to the sky surrounded by people holding signs and a banner that say end overdose New York
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How can I connect to advocacy in my area to support SCS?

Local advocates work together as part of a national network to learn from legislative wins and losses, low-threshold models and safer drug use in syringe service programs, and to offer support. The best way for you to get involved is to connect locally to what is already happening! We’ve listed a few websites to connect with coalitions we know of below. If you don’t see anything in your area, please connect with your local SSP to learn more about work that may already be happening.

State Organizing Groups
California: https://www.yestoscscalifornia.org/
Massachusetts: http://sifmanow.org/
New York: http://endoverdoseny.com
Pennsylvania: https://www.paharmreduction.org/

Local Organizing Groups
Seattle: https://www.yestoscs.org
Denver: http://harmreductionactioncenter.org/