Showing support for Maui comrades in wake of wildfires

Showing support for Maui comrades in wake of wildfires


Dear beloved harm reduction community,


Our fellow comrades at the Maui AIDS Foundation in Maui, Hawai’i, are navigating through the devastating effects of wildfires that have torn through the area, and they need our solidarity and support. Like the true harm reductionists they are, even in the midst of this catastrophic situation, folks at the Maui AIDS Foundation have continued to serve the local community — and we know they face an incredibly long road ahead toward reconstruction and full recovery.

If you are able, we encourage you to donate to the organization directly HERE, and spread the word about these efforts. It is during moments like this we harm reductionists show up and demonstrate in practice what the true spirit of our community is: Love, empathy, and comradeship. Let’s show our harm reduction family in Maui we are here for them, regardless of our zip codes!


In solidarity,

Laura Guzman
Acting Executive Director
National Harm Reduction Coalition