Training Guide

Safer Sex Work Handbook: A Basic Guide to Keeping Penises Safe and Sexy in the Industry

A Note From Hook

This handbook represents a collaborative effort to collect information from a wide range of sources and experience to present a clear, concise guide for those who work in the industry and those who work with male sex workers. For those who work in the industry, this handbook serves to communicate the kind of street-sense knowledge that helps you work with both eyes open in hopes that your sessions and experiences enable you to meet your immediate and long-term goals, whether that be a life in the sex industry or recovery from some strokes of bad luck. While cautionary, this guide does not serve to support or stigmatize the industry or the men who work in it. HOOK seeks to educate so that those who choose the industry or who have no other apparent alternative engage in safe, sane and smart decision-making. Moreover, this handbook helps those that work with male Sex workers in social services and professionally by stating the concerns and negotiations that face male sex workers. Our hope is that this information allows them to better communicate, comprehend, and be sensitive to male Sex worker situations and decisions. As stated above, this handbook is an effort made possible by the work of many sex worker activists, including Dr. Whatser Name, whose writing for female street workers gave us a starting point for this piece. I would also like to thank the many escorts and HOOK volunteers that shared their opinions, feedback, and suggestions for this guide. Thank you. joy every day.

Shane Luitjens
Director, HOOK