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Commission on Narcotic Drugs 2012: The Wrap Up

CND CrewPodcast 65 – March 30, 2012

Heather Haase, NY City Bar Association, Drugs and the Law Committee
Zara Snapp, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Anistla Rugama, Sharon Stancliff & Whitnney Englander, Harm Reduction Coalition
Scott Burris, Temple School of Law
Corey Davis, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition
Leo Beletsky, Northeastern University, School of Law

Final word on CND 2012 from Heather Haase, Zara Snapp, Anistla Rugama, Scott Burris, Corey Davis, Whitney Englander, Leo Beletsky and Sharon Stancliff. See you in 2013.

Stream below and download the mp3.

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