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Counterfit: The Real Deal

Raffi BalianPodcast 57 – February 13, 2012

Raffi Balian, Counterfit
Molly Bannerman, Counterfit

This week’s podcast features Toronto’s Counterfit – a user run harm reduction program.   The show features an interview with internationally known drug user organizer Raffi Balian who talks about Counterfit, working with drug dealers, employing drug
users and fentanyl.  Along with Cheryl White, he’s the author Harm Reduction at Work: A Guide for Organizations Employing People Who Use Drugs.  He also talks about the inspirational article by Donald Grove, Real Harm Reduction: Underground Survival Strategies. The second interview is part one of a conversation with Molly Bannerman who runs the Women’s Harm Reduction Program at Counterfit.

Listen below and download the mp3.

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