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Harm Reduction Coalition was founded in Oakland, California, and we maintain one of our offices in downtown Oakland. Our team works on a variety of issues related to harm reduction programming, training, advocacy, and policy to ensure that people who use drugs in California receive the resources they need.

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CASEP meeting at National Harm Reduction Conference in New Orleans, 2018

California Programs

Use the map below to find harm reduction resources and programs in your region. Click on the icon on top right for an expanded view and key.

San Francisco

  • We offer training and technical assistance to organization on harm reduction topics to promote individual and organizational practices that support people who use drugs. If you are an individual or organization in San Francisco and want to learn more, contact Charles Hawthorne at hawthorne [AT] harmreduction.org
  • The DOPE Project is one of the largest and most innovative overdose prevention and naloxone distribution programs in the country, offering naloxone distribution and training to sites in San Francisco. To learn more, about the DOPE Project see their webpage, or contact Kristen Marshall at marshall [AT] harmreduction.org

California statewide

  • We offer training and technical assistance to organizations on harm reduction topics across the state for a fee. If you are an individual or organization outside of San Francisco and want to learn more, please contact:
  • We are working on a variety of statewide projects including:
    • CENTER Initiative: We host regional community convenings, provide training and TA to harm reduction programs, and produce resources and communications to connect and support programs.
    • ED-BRIDGE: we offer training and remote technical assistance to participating sites in the ED-BRIDGE program to expand access to MAT.
    • Opioid Safety Networks: we connect people who use drugs and/or are connected to people who use drugs to local initiatives led by Opioid Safety Networks.
    • Policy & Advocacy: we collaborate with partners to organize and support legislation and budget advocacy initiatives that promote health and safety for people and communities impacted by drug use. To learn more, connect with your regional contact.

Resources for Providers

Webinar: How to Start a Syringe Services Program (SSP) in California
  • Looking to find data on your county specific to drug use and overdose? Visit the California Opioid Dashboard for overdose and opioid date, the Urban Institute for county profiles on MAT access, and the CDPH websites for hepatitis and HIV data
  • Looking to distribute low barrier naloxone in your emergency department? Watch the webinar and download the 6 supporting documents below created by ED-Bridge to start a comprehensive program:
Webinar – Distributing Low Barrier Naloxone in Emergency Departments
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