Distributing Low Barrier Naloxone in Emergency Departments


Alex Stack

Director of Programs & Strategic Initiatives, CHC

Aimee Moulin

Co-Director, ED Bridge

Steve Tremain

Physician Improvement Advisor, Cynosure Health

Josh Luftig

PA-C, Regional Director, CA Bridge

Curtis Geier

Emergency Department, SFGH

Webinar abstract/description

The Surgeon General’s guidance on naloxone distribution advocates an “all hands on deck” approach to reduce the overdose fatality rate. Emergency departments can learn how to build a simple, efficient, and effective model of dispensing naloxone from the ground up in this free, archived 1-hour webinar with multiple guest speakers in collaboration with National Harm Reduction Coalition. 


By the end of this webinar, participants will understand: 

  • Why emergency departments should be dispensing naloxone to high-risk patients;
  • How to distribute low-barrier naloxone in emergency department settings; 
  • How to create a standard operating procedure and policies supporting naloxone distribution in the ED; 
  • How to apply for a block grant for free naloxone dispensing; 
  • And how to enlist your entire workforce in the life-saving work of distributing low-barrier naloxone to high-risk patients.