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Syringe Access in California

Currently, there are 56 authorized syringe service programs (SSPs) in California, but half of the state still lacks access to these services. Many programs are stretched thin due to staffing limitations, lack of funding, and/or geographic barriers.

These vital harm reduction services in California are more essential than ever.

San Francisco DOPE Project: Saved 2,600 Lives in 2019

The Drug Overdose Prevention and Education (DOPE) Project is the largest single-city naloxone distribution program in the country. We’ve trained more than 13,000 people in San Francisco on how to administer naloxone to reverse an otherwise fatal overdose from opioids.

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Grantmaking for Syringe Service Programs in California

California Harm Reduction Initiative (CHRI) was established by the California Budget Act of 2019. It included $15.2 million to strengthen substance use disorder response by supporting staffing and infrastructure at syringe services programs (SSPs).

See how this grant is being used to build capacity among SSPs to support people in California who use drugs.

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State-Wide Projects: Spanning a Wide Range of Needs

Collaboration and connection are essential to help scale access to harm reduction programs. We’ve partnered with healthcare providers and coalitions to develop state-wide initiatives that deliver services to those most in need.

ED-BRIDGE: A Partnership With Health Care Providers

Treatment, culture, and connection are the three keywords of this model that delivers low threshold buprenorphine to drug users and their families in acute care settings like hospitals and clinics.

Opioid Safety Networks: Uniting Communities

Created in 2017, this group of community organizations and individuals is now the largest opioid safety network in the country, with active coalitions serving 85% of California’s 30 million people.

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Data helps you track progress, change perceptions, enlist the help of other organizations, and find the resources you need to help your individual community. These sites have some of the facts you need. Spend less time searching and more time serving.

CA Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard:

Provides immediate access to current overdoses, deaths, and visits to health facilities at a state and county level.

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Urban Institute – Medication for Opioid Use Disorder access info:

Includes a highly-visual way to see treatment gaps across the state.

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CA Department of Public Health Viral Hepatitis Data:

Comprehensive data, including breakdowns by specific populations.

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CA Department of Public Health HIV Data:

Demographic and clinical information is collected on all people living and diagnosed with HIV in California.

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