Training Guide

HepConnect: From Project Launch to Grant Awards

Our Strategy

We’ve known about the funding and resource constraints faced by harm reduction providers and people who use drugs working directly with community members at risk of hepatitis C in this region. National Harm Reduction Coalition proposed re-granting the vast majority of the funds to organization in the five states to establish or scale up harm reduction services and community education. To further support harm reduction projects and programs, we committed to hiring several full-time staff members based in the region to lead the project and offer capacity building, training, and onsite technical assistance to organizations both funded and not funded through this initiative. 

“National Harm Reduction Coalition has been fortunate to have the opportunity to support the work of harm reduction advocates and programs in this region for several years, and we’ve taken lessons and inspiration from the resourcefulness and resilience of the dedicated people — very much including people who use drugs — working to reduce drug-related harm in these communities. It’s an honor to be able to deepen both our commitment and our relationships, and continue uplifting innovative harm reduction work across the five states.” — Daniel Raymond, Deputy Director of Planning and Policy