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A Statewide Harm Reduction Initiative

Wyoming has an opportunity to reduce opioid overdose, hepatitis C, and HIV, by building community awareness and a network of harm reduction services for people who use drugs. Harm Reduction Coalition will be working in partnership with the Wyoming State Health Department to establish a network of providers across the state to build capacity and understanding of harm reduction approaches to drug-related harms.

Upcoming Webinars

The national Harm Reduction Coalition and the Wyoming Department of Health invite you to attend three engaging webinars addressing the foundations of harm reduction, stigma and people who use drugs and trauma and substance use. 

Join us to learn: 

✔️What harm reduction is and how to implement it in your community 
✔️How stigma impacts a person’s ability to access life saving services 
✔️How trauma is connected to substance use

This one-hour webinar will provide health and human service providers with a comprehensive overview of Harm Reduction. This approach incorporates a practical set of strategies designed to prevent disease and promote health by “meeting people where they are” rather than making judgments about where they should be in terms of their personal health and lifestyle. Recognizing that not everyone is ready or able to stop risky behavior, harm reduction focuses on promoting ways to reduce the health risks associated with drug use and other high-risk behaviors. This training will assist providers in more effectively engaging their clients in a range of interventions to reduce the risk of harm.

This webinar will introduce the concepts of social inequalities faced by people who use drugs, the stigma they experience, and how this impacts their ability to access services. The training will explore how current and former substance users experience the impact of stigma. Through evaluation of one’s own potential role in perpetuating drug-related stigma, participants will develop new strategies for building more authentic and productive relationships with clients.

This webinar is designed primarily for service providers without formal mental health training. The training provides an overview of trauma, mental health issues, symptoms, and treatment options as they relate to substance use. Case examples highlighting realistic expectations and effective responses will be discussed, with particular attention to people with co-occurring disorders (mental illness and substance use) in the context of harm reduction programs and settings.

Through a two year process in partnership with the Wyoming State Health Department, Harm Reduction Coalition will:

  • Listen to people who use drugs to learn about needs and experiences related to drug use
  • Talk to providers to identify opportunities and barriers to expand services
  • Host convenings to offer education on harm reduction values, stigma, and community collaboration
  • Offer remote and in-person training and technical assistance on best practices and evidence-based strategies
  • Map out the service landscape to promote care coordination
  • Identify the structural, organizational, and community-level strategies and actions necessary to create supportive environments for harm reduction

At the end of 2020, we will have worked collective to establish a statewide harm reduction coalition that centers the voices of people impacted by drug use to build local leadership and support.

Are you in Wyoming and interested in being involved? Contact Tanagra Melgarejo, Capacity Building Services Manager on (787) 225-7944 or melgarejo [a] harmreduction.org

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