Building Capacity with Wyoming Healthcare Providers

Wyoming has an opportunity to reduce overdose, hepatitis C, and HIV by building community awareness and a network of harm reduction services for people who use drugs.

Wyoming Statewide Harm Reduction Initiative is working with providers across the state to build capacity and understanding of harm reduction approaches to drug-related harms. This partnership will:

Develop a network of harm reduction services for people who use drugs

Reduce opioid overdoses, hepatitis C and HIV

Expand access to syringe services and naloxone kits

Increase community awareness about evidence-based harm reduction strategies

Expand access to syringe services and naloxone kits

Focus on unique needs and considerations for tribal communities to build resources and capacity

Establish a Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition in 2020

We aim to establish a thriving statewide harm reduction coalition that centers the voices of people impacted by drug use. Throughout 2020, we are:

Listening to people who use drugs to learn about needs and experiences related to drug use

Mapping out the service landscape to promote care coordination

Talking to providers to identify opportunities and barriers to expand services

Offering remote and in-person training and technical assistance on best practices and evidence-based strategies

Hosting convenings to offer education on harm reduction values, stigma, and community collaboration

Identifying the structural, organizational, and community-level strategies and actions necessary to create supportive environments for harm reduction

Connect with Rural Frontier Harm Reduction Leaders

Are you in Wyoming and interested in getting involved?

Contact Tanagra Melgarejo
National Learning & Engagement Strategist

Starting a Syringe Service Program in Your Community

Evidence-based harm reduction strategies are effective no matter where you live. But the needs of people who use drugs in small rural communities can differ from those in urban environments.

Here is a resource to help you start a syringe service program in your community.

Resources Specific to Tribal Communities

Native populations face substantially higher rates of drug use and substance use disorder. At the same time, they often face bigger barriers when it comes to accessing health care and human services.

Here are some specific resources to help support tribal communities in your state.

Guidance from the Indian Health Services on Harm Reduction

Case study of a Tribal Health Syringe Service Program

Help Grow Harm Reduction.

If your community needs expanded access to harm reduction services, learn how you can help.

Become a Harm Reduction Champion.