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Manuals and Best Practice Documents

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new syringe access program or working to further develop existing programs and services, there are a range of best practice documents that offer guidance and suggestions.

Guide to Developing and Managing Syringe Access Programs

Harm Reduction Coalition’s comprehensive, step-by-step manual for starting and managing syringe access programs. This pragmatic and straightforward guide can serve as a valuable tool for new and established programs alike, offering practical suggestions and guidance in several areas including: Planning and Design, Operational Issues, Organizational Issues, External Issues and Population-Specific Considerations. The manual is honest and straightforward in its approach, providing concrete practice suggestions while still encouraging the creativity and flexibility that makes SAPs most successful.

Read online and download the entire manual as a PDF here.

Additional information and resources can be found in the Manual’s Appendix here.

Peer-Delivered Syringe Exchange Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to provide examples of policies and practices from current PDSE programs so new and existing programs can think about and incorporate the parts that work for them. It gives an overview of points to consider in starting a PDSE program and is intended to generate new ideas for revising and improving existing PDSE programs. Each section contains insight and ideas drawn from the experience of various programs and ends with Questions to Consider based on your own program’s needs. Throughout the toolkit, we’ve included quotes from peers currently working at PDSE programs about their experiences and ideas.

Read online and download the entire toolkit as a PDF here.

Additional information and resources can be found in the Toolkit’s Appendix here.

Additional Best Practice Documents

We’ve collected a wide selection of syringe access program best practice documents from organizations, health departments and government agencies from around the globe.

View more Best Practice documents here.
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