Fact Sheets

We have produced numerous fact sheets documenting the effectiveness of syringe exchange. These fact sheets are a valuable tool in education and advocacy, and we encourage you to copy, distribute and excerpt them.

Click on the links below to view the fact sheets online and download them as PDFs.

Cost-Effectiveness of Syringe Access Programs (2010)
Single-Use Syringes (2007)
Syringe Exchange Programs Do Not Increase Crime Rates (2006)
Syringe Exchange Programs and HIV Prevention in New York City (2006)
Syringe Exchange Programs: Reducing the Risks of Needlestick Injuries (2006)
Syringe Exchange Programs and Hepatitis C (2006)
Syringe Exchange Programs and Hepatitis B (2006)
More Resources

Additional Fact Sheets have also been created by other organizations. Click here for links.

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