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Policy Briefs and Reports

In addition to policy documents developed by Harm Reduction Coalition, we also have an archive of Additional Policy Documents relevant to syringe access and drug user health.

2012 National Day of Action on Syringe Access: A report back on the March 21, 2012 national advocacy day demanding increased resources and federal funding for syringe access. Learn more and read the report back.




User-to-User: Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange in New York City: This report provides an analysis of Peer-Delivered Syringe Exchange (PDSE), a program model in New York that trains injection drug users (IDUs) to conduct secondary syringe exchange with members of their social networks and other contacts. Learn more and read the publication.




Promoting Secondary Exchange: opportunities to advance public health: This report includes a set of recommendations intended to facilitate, expand, and capitalize on secondary exchange. Learn more and read the publication.





Syringe Exchange in Prisons: The International Experience: Syringe exchange programs have been successfully implemented in a diverse range of prison settings using a variety of effective models. Evidence overwhelmingly shows that prison syringe exchange programs reduce HIV and hepatitis C risk and prevent disease transmission, increase referrals to substance abuse treatment, and do not result in increased drug use nor pose problems with security or violence. Learn more and read the publication.

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