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Stimulant Overamping Basics

Overamping Prevention

When we are talking about stimulants like speed or coke, a healthy body is the best prevention for overdose. Because it’s not always about how much you do, there are other ways to help prevent having heart attacks, or other complications from stimulants.

  • Get checked out at a local clinic that you trust, where you can be honest about drug use. We know these are hard to find, but being able to speak honestly with a provider may help you come up with some great ways to stay safe.
  • Make sure you get your heart checked, your blood pressure, cholesterol, circulation and all that other good stuff. Having high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat or other types of heart disease can put you at really high risk for a heart attack when you smoke, shoot or snort stimulants
  • Take care of your body. If you’re on medication for high blood pressure, make sure you take it, if you’re diabetic, make sure you try to manage your diabetes, try to eat, sleep and drink fluids even on a run.