Training Guide

HepConnect: From Project Launch to Grant Awards

What’s Next?

The HepConnect regional team will work with grantees and other providers in the region to build out their capacity and address any training needs on an ongoing basis. All grantees will be supported to attend a regional convening event with fellow grantees in early 2020. A third category of funding to support time-limited convenings and events to promote community education and networking will be released in 2020 for existing and new grantees to apply for as mini-grants. *Update: The Spring 2020 All-Grantee Convening was held in Raleigh, North Carolina in March of 2020 and the Convene funding category was adapted to provide emergency mini-grants to existing grantees to respond to the crisis surrounding COVID-19. More on that update here.

“Communities in regions like Appalacchia, the Midwest and the South are experiencing unprecedented outbreaks of HIV, hepatitis C, and overdoses from opioids. Without financial resources and legislative backing from state and federal governments, many of the hardest hit communities in these regions are unable to adapt comprehensive programs in a harm reduction framework. This is why the HepConnect program and the investment from Gilead Sciences is so critical right now. HepConnect offers not only a commitment, but a deep investment in strengthening the harm reduction infrastructure in these regions.” — Monique Tula, Executive Director 

Learn more about the HepConnect Initiative here or email hepconnect@harmreduction.org.