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Harm Reduction Approach

This 2-hour webinar webinar was presented by Harm Reduction Coalition’s Emma Roberts, Director of Capacity Building Services, and Joanna Berton Martinez, Senior Trainer, on October 5, 2016.  The webinar provides participants with an introduction to basic philosophy and practices of HIV/STI/HCV harm reduction with regards to substance use and sexual risk behavior.  The webinar provides an opportunity to reflect on your values and attitudes regarding harm reduction, as well as learn specific harm reduction strategies.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  •         Define Harm Reduction as it is used in HIV/STI/HCV prevention;
  •         List at least three attitudes they have about using a harm reduction approach;
  •         Identify at least three examples of harm reduction options for substance use behaviors and sexual behaviors; and
  •         Identify negotiated safety techniques for injection risk reduction and sexual risk reduction.


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