Foundational Fridays- LGB/TGNC 101

This 2 -hour webinar is a part of our Foundational Fridays Series taking place every last Friday of the month from 12pm – 2pm EST, from July 2023 – June 2024. This webinar focuses on the basics of LGB/TGNC.

  •  LGB/TGNC 101 is for those looking to provide more affirming and inclusive services to LGB/TGNC participants. This training will provide an overview of health disparities among LGB/TGNC individuals by demonstrating how multiple levels of stigma and oppression adversely affect the health outcomes of LGB/TGNC people. We will also discuss gender identity, expression and sexual orientation, pronouns, and how to move us from fixating on vocabulary to a place of deeper understanding so that we can take action and address the needs of LGB/TGNC participants. Objectives: 
    • Identify at least two health disparities among LGB/TGNC people who use drugs and engage in sex work experience through dissection of the minority stress model.
    • Discuss at least three ways you can help provide safer and more affirming services to LGB/TGNC people.
    • Be able to express why providing safer and affirming services to LGB/TGNC people is crucial.

Trainers: Taylor Edelmann (He/Him), LGBTQIA & Health & Harm Reduction Manager

Prerequisite:  None, but viewing our Foundations of Harm Reduction is highly recommended

Audience: All health and human service providers, including Peers Workers


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