Crystal Meth Blueprint for Black & Latino MSM

Crystal methamphetamine use among Black and Latino gay and bisexual men is a growing phenomenon with few resources devoted to addressing it.


For the past year, Harm Reduction Coalition—in conjunction with project partners BEAM and The Counter Narrative Project have worked on developing “Blueprint,” a set of tools, including a report and risk-reduction guidelines aimed to better improve the relationship that providers have with Black and Latino clients who have sex with men and also use crystal methamphetamine.


These are not your typical public health risk reduction guidelines; it is a set of client-centered and harm reduction-informed tools to help providers better engage with Black and Latino gay and bisexual men who use crystal methamphetamine.


Highlights include:

  • Webinars focusing on the intersections of family, substance use, and mental health
  • Blueprint action plan for providers who want to transform how they engage with clients
  • community and care support plan for Black and Latino men who have sex with men and use crystal methamphetamine
  • Healing and accountability wheel to be used by providers and clients
  • Blueprint report, which includes results from a national community assessment of providers working with persons who use drugs and focus groups with members of the priority population


Learn more about the Blueprint Project and get the report here.