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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has worked for the Harm Reduction Coalition as training consultant since 2009 and in 2014 was hired on as fulltime staff. Today, Emma is our Director of Capacity Building Services. Her focus is to provide technical assistance and support to programs promoting syringe access, drug user health, Hepatitis C services and overdose prevention. Originally from the UK, Emma started her career in community development work in 1990. She became involved in Harm Reduction work in 1996 when the National Health Service funded one of the first syringes exchanges in the North of England in the corner of the community center she worked at. Since then Emma has gone on to manage and lead various community based programs including Getaway Girls, a Young Women’s charity for 7 years. She landed in New York in 2008 where she has coordinated a syringe exchange program and mobile health program providing medical and dental services to vulnerable street based and homeless populations in the city operating across South Bronx, Harlem and parts of Brooklyn.

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