Native Health Training: Harm Reduction & Overdose Prevention

Project Overview

NHRC is in search of a consultant to work in collaboration with our statewide California and Communications teams to develop and deliver a series of NHRC branded Harm Reduction trainings that are culturally relevant to and representative of rural and urban Indigenous communities in California, with a budget not to exceed $6,000.

Indigenous folks local to California, LGBTQ+ folks, and people with lived experience in drug use and/or sex work are strongly encouraged to submit proposals. 

Project Phases:

Review of Research and Resources:

  • Review notes and themes captured from 17 interviews with Native and non-native providers, community members, and people in recovery across California, along with other Indigenous Harm Reduction resources, to determine content details. 

Content development:

  • Create two NHRC branded trainings that can each be delivered in two hours. The trainings should adapt some of NHRC’s existing Harm Reduction material to be culturally competent while creating additional content based on the themes captured from the interviews. 
  • Trainings should be made adaptable to both urban and rural communities
  • Primary topics that should be covered are foundations or principles of harm reduction, stigma, ways in which harm reduction aligns with Native values, and how to best reach and encourage Tribal elders and leaders to embrace harm reduction.

Training delivery: 

  • Deliver a total of 10 trainings (5 of each) alongside NHRC staff between October 2021 and June 2022, with the possibility of in-person trainings in 2022.
  • Utilize training evaluations to make any final adjustments to training materials.



June 2021 - June 2022

Budget: Total budget is $6,000.

Proposal Requirements:

Please include the following information: 

  • Cover letter, including your experience with harm reduction in Indigenous communities and why you want to create and deliver these trainings.
  • Qualifications, presenting similar projects undertaken within the last 5 years.  
  • Please include at least one example (either in a PDF or PowerPoint) of a training you have created and delivered. You may also include a video recording of your training delivery in addition to the training content. 

Request for Proposals Link:

Apply Here


All digital property produced through this project will be owned by Harm Reduction Coalition. We will share your proposal internally among staff members, and any proprietary information shared in the proposal should be clearly identified.

About Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction Coalition is a national advocacy and capacity-building organization that promotes health and justice for people and communities affected by drug use. Harm Reduction Coalition creates spaces for dialogue and action that help heal the harms caused by racialized drug policies. Our efforts advance harm reduction policies, practices, and programs that address the adverse effects of drug use including overdose, HIV, hepatitis C, addiction, and incarceration. We work to uphold every person’s right to health and well-being, and their competence to participate in the public policy dialogue.