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Training & Capacity-Building

The Training & Capacity Building Institute is a national training and capacity-building assistance (CBA) initiative that promotes nonjudgmental, evidence-based approaches to enhancing individual, organizational and community effectiveness to support the health and dignity of individuals and communities affected by drug use.

Our work aims to promote:

  • Drug User Health: Syringe access and other harm reduction services, prevention of HIV, hepatitis C and overdose, etc.
  • Drug User Dignity: Anti-stigma, leadership development, and increasing cultural competency
  • Community Impact: Program development & sustainability, organizational development, monitoring & evaluation, and community mobilization
The Training & Capacity Building Institute consists of:
The Training Institute

The first national training center focused exclusively on harm reduction with locations in New York and California. We also conduct trainings nationwide on a contract basis. Browse our current training calendar. [more]

CBA for Community-based Organizations (CBOs)

CBA for CBOs enhances program service delivery and sustainable organizational capacity of harm reduction, drug treatment, opiate overdose prevention, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis C service providers throughout the US. [more]

CBA for Syringe Access Services (SAS) Mobilization

CBA for SAS Mobilization specifically focuses on increasing injection drug users’ access to and utilization of SAS and other HIV prevention and harm reduction interventions and strategies. [more]

About CBA:

Capacity building assistance (CBA) is designed to assist in implementing and sustaining science-based and culturally proficient HIV prevention behavioral interventions and HIV prevention strategies.

CBA services include:

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