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(old) Overdose Prevention

Drug Overdose Prevention & Education Project (DOPE)

Drug Overdose Prevention & Education Project (DOPE) is Harm Reduction Coalition’s west coast overdose prevention initiative. DOPE provides overdose prevention education and training in shelters, jails, treatment programs, and SRO hotels. Collaboration with the San Francisco Department of Public Health enables DOPE to distribute naloxone kits throughout the city, including at syringe access programs throughout the city. DOPE also provides advocacy and capacity-building to programs looking to incorporate Opiate Overdose Prevention Programming throughout California.

Skills & Knowledge on Overdose Prevention (SKOOP)

Skills & Knowledge on Overdose Prevention (SKOOP) is Harm Reduction Coalition’s east coast overdose prevention initiative. It is funded to train heroin users along with their peers, allies, friends and family members on OD prevention, recognition and response, as well as on how to use naloxone to reverse opioid overdose.  After receiving training, participants are given their own naloxone kits (including prescriptions). SKOOP also provides training of trainers sessions with providers and drug users as well as technical assistance for staff of local CBOs.

SKOOP is also working to address the gap in medical providers prescribing buprenorphine as a means of treating opioid addiction. Opioid substitution treatment is closely linked to overdose prevention. Staff are developing and implementing an expansive training curriculum for health care providers as a means of increasing capacity to prescribe buprenorphine.

For more information, including a comprehensive overview of overdose. tools and policy updates, check out our Overdose Prevention Section.
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