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Punishment is NOT a Public Health Strategy: A Webinar on the Criminalization of Viral Hepatitis

This webinar was presented on October 4th, 2018 by Harm Reduction Coalition’s Mike Selick, Arpita Appannagaria and Kate Boulton from The Center for HIV Law & Policy, and Tina Brouder from National Viral Hepatitis Round Table in order to jump start advocacy efforts to address the criminalization of viral hepatitis across the country. We are organizing a small convening in November with advocates in order to plan for next steps.  We will be following up with future webinars to report our progress and to get input and feedback for strategy.


Naloxone Dispensing in Pharmacies and the Naloxone Copayment Assistance Program (N-CAP)

This webinar was presented by Harm Reduction Coalition’s Medical Director, Dr. Sharon Stancliff, on December 15th, 2017.

New York State has replaced the replaced the Amphastar generic product with the Adapt Narcan® single step formulation as part of the Opioid Overdose Initiative. NYSDOH has created the Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (N-CAP). Individuals with prescription coverage as part of their health insurance plan can access naloxone at their local pharmacy and N-CAP will cover co-payments in an amount up to $40. Each prescription dispensed will be billed to N-CAP, not to the individual getting naloxone. This will apply to prescriptions written for an individual and those obtained under standing orders.


Hepatitis C Basics

Hepatitis C Basics SlideThis 2-hour webinar was presented by Harm Reduction Coalition’s Mike Selick, Hepatitis C Training and Policy Manager, and Joanna Berton Martinez, Senior Trainer, on July 27th, 2017.  The webinar can serve as an introductory course for anyone with a professional or personal interest in Hepatitis C.  The webinar provides participants with information on how HCV can be transmitted, how the disease progresses, how to identify HCV infection, how to discuss HCV prevention with clients, and how to provide basic tips or taking care of the liver and living healthy while living with HCV.

Talking with Clients about Hepatitis C Treatment

Talking with Clients about Hepatitis C Treatment SlideThis 2-hour webinar was presented by Harm Reduction Coalition’s Daniel Raymond, Deputy Director of Policy and Planning, and Mike Selick, Hepatitis C Training and Policy Manager, on March 17th, 2017.  The webinar describes the role of non-clinical health and human services providers in supporting clients living with chronic Hepatitis C as they consider starting hepatitis C treatment.  Participants will become familiar with current guidelines regarding populations prioritized for treatment, issues relating to treatment access, and patient assistance resources.

Hepatitis C Prevention and the Role of Syringe Services Programs

This 90 minute webinar will discuss hepatitis C (HCV) and the role syringe services programs play reducing the HCV burden, and linkages to treatment, care and support of those living with HCV. The webinar will explore the framework for comprehensive and integrated syringe service programs and the crucial role of syringe service programs in providing HCV testing and linkages to care.

Hepatitis C Testing and Linkage to Care Through the Lens of Substance Use Disorder Clinics

This 1-hour webinar explores the multifaceted barriers that prevent many patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) from receiving care and treatment. Conducted in partnership with PRIME Education, this webinar highlights key findings from a recent educational series to train counselors, clinicians, and other healthcare providers to provide sustainable education to their patients on HCV risks, testing, and harm reduction. Harm Reduction Coalition’s Daniel Raymond, shares practical insights and results for increasing HCV awareness and knowledge among persons who use drugs, and strategies for strengthening testing and linkage to care.

Harm Reduction Approach

Harm Reduction Approach Slide WebinarThis 2-hour webinar webinar was presented by Harm Reduction Coalition’s Emma Roberts, Director of Capacity Building Services, and Joanna Berton Martinez, Senior Trainer, on October 5, 2016.  The webinar provides participants with an introduction to basic philosophy and practices of HIV/STI/HCV harm reduction with regards to substance use and sexual risk behavior.  The webinar provides an opportunity to reflect on your values and attitudes regarding harm reduction, as well as learn specific harm reduction strategies.

What’s the Scoop with Fentanyl?

Fentanyl Webinar SlideThis 2-hour webinar webinar was presented by Harm Reduction Coalition’s William Matthews, Physician Assistant, on March 29th, 2017.  The webinar focuses on Fentanyl, a potent, synthetic opioid pain medication that has been associated with the recent surge in opioid related overdose deaths.  Fentanyl has been found as a contaminant in the illicit drug supply and plays a significant role in the current wave of overdose deaths in NYC and around the United States.  The webinar explains how to recognize a fentanyl related overdose and how to use a harm reduction response.

New York State Hepatitis C Elimination: From Vision to Reality

HCV Elimination Webinar SlideThis hour long webinar features Harm Reduction Coalition’s Hepatitis C Training and Policy Manager, Mike Selick, and Reed Vreerland, Direct of Policy at Housing Works was hosted by HepCure on March 21st, 2017.  The webinar goes through the history, process, recommendations, and goals for the New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Summit which took place in Albany, NY on February 7th, 2017.

Injection Drug User Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Webinar SlideThis 90-minute webinar aims to provide an overview of injecting drug user (IDU) cultural competency. The webinar opens by answering the questions “Why is there a need for IDU cultural competency?” and “What is IDU Cultural Competency?” while exploring facets of injecting drug user culture and experience. The webinar closes with a discussion of IDU cultural competency principles and practices, as well as a detailed question-and-answer segment.

A Need for Racial Justice in Harm Reduction: Where a Racial Justice Agenda Matters

A community-based developmental evaluation study was conducted that explores organizational development barriers for African-Americans to access leadership and decision making power within institutions and organizations providing HIV prevention services and programming using the harm reduction model.

Pages from Viral Hepatitis and African Americans - Christopher Bates, MPA
African Americans and Hepatitis C

Organized in observance of the inaugural African American Hepatitis C Action Day, this webinar on African American’s and Hepatitis C covered the following topics: Clinical issues in hepatitis C care and treatment for African Americans; the role of the Affordable Care Act in addressing prevention, treatment and access to care for people living with viral hepatitis; and recommendations for increasing testing, linkage and prevention efforts as well as access to treatment and care.

A Harm Reduction Approach to Opioids in Higher Education

This one hour webinar for colleague students and faculty provides a discussion on opioid overdose facts and trends, with a specific focus on the use of naloxone on college campuses as a harm reduction tactic. Participants will learn about gaining access to naloxone and critical elements for developing a overdose education training on your campus.

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