NYC: Harm Reduction Support Following an Opioid-Overdose Reversal

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Title: Harm Reduction Support Following an Opioid-Overdose Reversal

Date: October 11th, 2018

Time:  Full day 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

Description: This one-day course will provide health and human service providers with a comprehensive overview of harm reduction support for with individuals who have experienced reversal of an opioid overdose. This course will review the factors that place a person at risk for overdose and strategies for reducing the risk of future overdose.  It will focus on information and referrals that providers can offer an individual after an overdose as well as best practices for agencies to have in place when providing support to clients who have experienced reversal of an overdose.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain risk factors for opioid overdose and strategies to reduce these risks;
  • Describe the impact of naloxone on someone whose overdose was successfully reversed;
  • Dispel myths regarding opiate overdose and administration of naloxone;
  • Describe strategies for effectively working with others at the scene of an overdose or in the emergency room, including hospital personnel, EMS, law enforcement and bystanders;
  • List a range of post-care information including referrals to Buprenorphine, syringe services programs, obtaining naloxone, and others;
  • Negotiate a safety plan with the individual who has experienced an opioid overdose;
  • Provide ongoing support for program staff and peer workers who have responded to or witnessed an overdose.

Location:  Harm Reduction Coalition, 22 West 27th Street, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10001

Region: NYC

Trainers: Mike Selick and Kacey Byczek

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