HCV Prevention and the Role of Syringe Services Programs

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This 90 minute webinar will discuss hepatitis C (HCV) and the role syringe services programs play reducing the HCV burden, and linkages to treatment, care and support of those living with HCV. The webinar will explore the framework for comprehensive and integrated syringe service programs and the crucial role of syringe service programs in providing HCV testing and linkages to care. Case studies will be provided by the Office of Viral Hepatitis Prevention at California Department of Public Health, with an specific focus on building partnerships. Case studies will be supplemented by ‘on the ground’ implementation from GLIDE.

  • Present a vision of a “Comprehensive Syringe Services Program”, integrated into a broad “drug user health” continuum of care, and outline what such a program takes to run & would look like.
  • Make clear the critical role SSPs play in HCV prevention, testing, and linkage to care.
  • Make clear that SSPs must be appropriately resources & presented as part of this comprehensive continuum of care to be most effective at HCV prevention.
  • Promote availability of CBA/TA for programs looking for additional support in implementing these programs.
Intended Audience:
  1. Primary audience is Departments of Public Health, esp. in jurisdictions which recently legalized SSPs and are looking to create or scale up their SSP infrastructure.
  2. Secondary audience is CBOs, SSPs, and community advocates generally.

Date: Monday November 27th

Time: 1:00pm EST/11:00PST


  • Christine Rodriguez, MPH, Program Adviser, California Department of Public Health, STD Control Branch, Office of Viral Hepatitis Prevention
  • Paul Harkin, HIV Services Manager, GLIDE

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