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Connecticut Report-Back on National Day of Action

By Helen Jack
Blumenthal Meeting

Shawn Lang, Stephanie Platis, Robert Heimer (Yale researcher), Kara Sheppard-Jones (Yale student), Greg Rivera (AIDS Project Hartford), and I met with Joe Rodriguez from Senator Blumenthal’s office yesterday. We gave him a packet of materials (attached), including a Connecticut-specific fact sheet that we made, and the signatures on the position statement.

Responses from the staffer:

  • He was thrilled with the CT signature list and said that calls and signatures are really critical for getting the Senator to support this issue.
  • He wants us to find out what Lieberman’s position is and see if he has insight into how to get Republicans to support this issue (we are working on setting up a meeting with Lieberman’s office)
  • He will write a memo for Senator Blumenthal proposing that he write a letter to Senate democratic leadership about the syringe exchange ban, as a first step in taking the lead on ban repeal efforts. He will keep us posted on the response of the Senator and legislative team to this proposal (we plan to follow-up with him about this in a couple of weeks).
  • We are on a list to meet with Senator Blumenthal in person laster this spring.

We mobilized people around the state to make calls by sending out email blasts and tabling on Yale’s campus. I think that we must have gotten a lot of people to call because one person reported that Senator Blumenthal’s DC office staff told one person that they had gotten a lot of calls on syringe exchange that day.

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