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Harm Reduction Communication Issue 12

Summer 2001

This issue of Harm Reduction Communication celebrates women in harm reduction. It features articles on organizing against sterilization campaigns, pregnancy, parenting and drug use, Salt Lake City, harm reduction and sex work, HIV in Eastern Europe, sexual risk and a challenge to the disease model of addiction.

Authors in this issue include: Nafisa S.S. Keenan, Paola Barahona, Sara Craig, Heidi Dickson, Sara Kershnar, Lynn Paltrow, Chris Hebert, Sonia Sanchez, Becky Porter, Annie Bandez, Martha Arroyo, Nina Mulia, Rebecca Foster, Justine Illiria, Johanna Castilla, Steffanie Strathdee, and Alex Kral.

Read below and download the PDF here.

Harm Reduction Communication aims to:
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of practical, “hands on” harm reduction techniques and information
  • Promote open discussion and reflection on theoretical and political issues of importance to harm reduction and the movement
  • Inform the community through resource listings and announcements of relevant events
  • Document the struggles, experiences and lessons of our movement as a tool for strategy-building
  • Ensure that our history is not erased.
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