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Harm Reduction Communication Issue 9

Fall 1999

This issue of Harm Reduction Communication is a special on overdose! Articles cover the basics of heroin overdose, rescue breathing, naloxone availablility and personal overdose stories. Also articles on harm reduction and housing, the struggle for syringe access in New Jersey and more!

Authors in this issue include: Gale Miklo, Chris Lanier, Kristen Ochoa, Heather Edney, Andrew Moss, Dan Bigg, Robert Swarner, Ro Giuliano, Donna Odierna, Sandra Fuentes, Daliah Heller and Paul Cherashore.

Read below and download the PDF here.

Harm Reduction Communication aims to:
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of practical, “hands on” harm reduction techniques and information
  • Promote open discussion and reflection on theoretical and political issues of importance to harm reduction and the movement
  • Inform the community through resource listings and announcements of relevant events
  • Document the struggles, experiences and lessons of our movement as a tool for strategy-building
  • Ensure that our history is not erased.
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