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Prescribe Naloxone!

Naloxone has been in the news more and more lately. Earlier this month, the FDA held a meeting to discuss what steps would be needed to increase access to naloxone nationally.  While the road may be long until we see over-the-counter access for everyone who needs it, there is some really great momentum on the issue these days – and new resources are popping up every day!

Already, some states and cities are fortunate enough to be able to widely distribute naloxone – which is clearly saving lives. However, many naloxone programs still face challenges in connecting with people at high risk of overdose from prescription opioids.  It is also important that doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants prescribe naloxone to their patients who are at risk of overdose – including those being treated for pain. Fortunately with very few exceptions this is legal across the country (Click here to see a listing of state-by-state legal policies).

Recent Resources

Staying Alive on the Outside: This great video explores the topic of overdose prevention as it relates specifically to reentry from prison. Members of the community discuss overdose prevention and response, misconceptions, tolerance, calling 911 and more. (The link will take you to a survey that you can complete or click through at the bottom of the page).

Opioid Medication Safety:  The Role of Naloxone: Prevention Point Pittsburgh produced this wonderful new video designed to assist physicians and other prescribers, as well as pharmacists in training patients on how to use naloxone.  It is geared for patients being treated for pain. Families and patients can get all the information they need from watching this 11-minute video and then they can review it from home. Watch on the Prescribe to Prevent site too!


Prescribe to Prevent: This fabulous new site compiles many resources that the medical community can use when providing naloxone to patients. You can also access the above video on this site.

Please share these resources widely!
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