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International Overdose Awareness Day


August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day. Across the country and throughout the world the day serves to commemorate those people who lost their lives to overdose or are living with injuries after suffering from an overdose.  It is also a day dedicated to raising awareness on overdose prevention and addressing stigma surrounding drug use and people who use drugs. For many, the day is an opportunity to publicly mourn for lost loved ones, without guilt or shame.

Throughout the country and across the world a series of events will be held to commemorate the day and a comprehensive list can be found here. Tributes to lost friends and loved ones can be left on the overdose day website and the Harm Reduction Coalition has put together a special podcast to commemorate the day.

For more information the Harm Reduction Coalition’s ongoing work on overdose prevention, follow the Drug Overdose Prevention & Education Project (DOPE) Project on facebook and twitter.   

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