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Syringe Access Community Mobilizing

Syringe Access Community Mobilization provides free technical assistance to community stakeholders, including syringe access programs, community-based organizations, health department and other communities impacted by drug use, to establish, expand and improve the effectiveness of Syringe Access.

Harm Reduction Coalition accomplishes this by assessing community readiness for SAS and building awareness, leadership and alliances among community stakeholders. By combining strategic community planning and assessment with ongoing technical support and skills-building, CBA for SAS is able to maximize quality and utilization of syringe access services and other HIV prevention interventions and strategies.

Community Assessment and Planning: A PLACE

Harm Reduction Coalition’s CBA for SAS Mobilization initiative created their own unique planning tool for assessing community readiness for syringe access called A PLACE (Awareness-Policy & Practice-Leadership-Alliances-Culture-Establishment/Expansion). This tool is an adaptation of the community mobilization model, MAPP.

A PLACE is used to assist community-based organizations, health departments, and other SAS stakeholders to:

  • Identify assets, opportunities, and challenges in their community related to SAS
  • Prioritize where to focus their efforts in their current stage of SAS development or expansion
  • Conceptualize how to utilize community and program strengths to address the challenges of SAS development or expansion.
Skills-Building and Technical Assistance

Harm Reduction Coalition provides skills building trainings, mentoring & coaching, and technical consultations to community stakeholders in order to build awareness, leadership and alliances.

“Stakeholders” is used broadly and may include cities and towns, national or regional affinity groups, professional groups, CBOs and their staff providing HIV/AIDS related services, substance abuse service providers, staff from local and state health departments, medical communities, people who use drugs, coalitions or networks focused around race/ethnicity/language and/or sexual identity, and other community stakeholders.

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