CBA for CBOs

Harm Reduction Coalition provides capacity building assistance (CBA) to CBOs around the United States and its territories with the goals of strengthening organizational infrastructure, implementing evidence-based interventions, advancing public health strategies, and enhancing program monitoring and evaluation.

Areas of Expertise

CBA for CBOs staff provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Organizational infrastructure development including strategic planning, board development, program collaboration, service integration, etc.
  • Program design, implementation, adaptation and sustainability
  • Evidence-based interventions such as Safety Counts, SHIELD, VOICES/VOCES, Nia, d-up!
  • Public health strategies including counseling, testing & referral services, partner notification, etc.
  • Core Competencies such as group facilitation, motivational interviewing, client recruitment and retention
  • HIV prevention and harm reduction with communities at risk
  • Program and outcome monitoring and evaluation

Email us or call (212) 213-6376 for more information.

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