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Women Who Have Sex With Women and HIV Prevention

The common perception is that women who have sex with women (WSW) are at little or no risk of contracting HIV. On the contrary, research has suggested that WSW are at higher risk for contracting HIV than are women who only have sex with men. Furthermore, there is evidence of higher seroprevalence in WSW than in women who have sex exclusively with men. What social, environmental, and behavioral factors are behind these trends? What can we do to address the spread of HIV among WSW?

On May 14th, 2010, HRC hosted a Community Consultation entitled, Women Who have Sex with Women (WSW) and HIV Prevention. Community stakeholders participated in a panel discussion of the issues that contribute to HIV risk among WSW populations and a brainstorming session on how to support the work of service providers working with WSW. The panel featured presentations on research, service provision, and day-to-day experience related to HIV in these populations.

The following resources are available from the 2010 session:

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