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Community Consultation Series

The Community Consultation Series (CCS) is a mechanism by which Harm Reduction Coalition’s HIV Prevention Capacity Building Assistance Initiative provides education and resources to the community while simultaneously conducting our own needs assessment from service providers and other key constituents.

A Need for Racial Justice in Harm Reduction: Where a Racial Justice Agenda Matters

The Harm Reduction Coalition’s Training and Capacity Building program launched our fourth Community Consultation Series (CCS) in May of 2011, A New Shift in Power: Black Leadership in Harm Reduction. A community-based developmental evaluation study was conducted that explores organizational development barriers for African-Americans to access leadership and decision making power within institutions and organizations providing HIV prevention services and programming using the harm reduction model. Read more.

Past CCS topics include:

Prior to the CCS, the CBA for CBOs Initiative implemented similar events as part of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) Forum. CAG topics included:

If you are interested in bringing the CCS to your community or have an idea for a future event, please feel free to email us or call (212) 213-6376, ext. 35.

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