Capacity Building

Capacity building assistance (CBA) is designed to assist in implementing and sustaining science-based and culturally proficient HIV prevention behavioral interventions and HIV prevention strategies.

CBA includes:
  • Technical Assistance: the provision and/or facilitation of culturally relevant and expert programmatic, scientific, and technical advice (mentoring/coaching) and support. More info.
  • Knowledge- and Skills-Building Training: delivery of curricula and coordination of training activities to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of trainers, educators and service providers.
  • Resource Development & Dissemination: the creation of tools and resources (e.g., curricula, fact sheets, etc.) that can be used to increase the capacity of staff and enhance program service delivery. More info.
  • Community Consultation Series: a mechanism for bidirectional capacity building where the HRC CBA program disseminates information on a topic while receiving information from key stakeholders about how capacity building can support them in addressing this key issue. More info.
  • Webinars, Web-based Seminars and Workshops: workshops that share and discuss current and emerging HIV prevention and harm reduction issues. More info.
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