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Dan Bigg Any Positive Change Award

In Dan Bigg’s spirit and to continue his legacy, Harm Reduction Coalition, in partnership with an incredibly generous donor, has created the Dan Bigg Any Positive Change Award for bold, radical harm reductionists who are creating positive change despite the odds—working in difficult environments, finding innovative and creative ways to get people the services they need, and advancing programs that center the voices and needs of people who use drugs.

At each National Harm Reduction Conference, we will choose one recipient whose organization will receive an award of $15,000. We encourage this funding to be used for efforts that forward the organization’s mission, including as a salary bonus for the person nominated. We pour so much of ourselves into this work, including our own time and money, and people deserve to get something back. We also encourage you to nominate as many people you think fit this description, but you must complete a separate form for each person/organization. The only requirement is that the people you nominate are affiliated with a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit (or have a qualifying fiscal sponsor). Please do not nominate any current Harm Reduction Coalition staff member, but our staff may be listed as a reference for your nominee.

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