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2012 Conference Presentations

The following presentations (in alphabetical order) were presented at the 9th National Harm Reduction Conference in Portland, OR in November 2012. The Agenda Booklet is available here.

If you don’t see the slides you are looking for, try contacting the presenter directly – contact information may be available in the abstract book here.

Harm Reduction Coalition would like to thank the presenters for sharing their slides. In most cases, contact information is available in the presentations. Please contact presenters directly if you wish to use material contained in the slides.

If you presented at the conference and are willing to share your PowerPoint or PDF slides, please send them to publications@harmreduction.org

2011 National Survey of Syringe Exchange Programs: Summary of Results
Don C. Des Jarlais, Vivian Guardino, Ann Nugent, Kamyar Arasteh, David Purchase

Alcohol Harm Reduction Compared To Harm Reduction For Other Drugs
Kenneth Anderson, The HAMS Harm Reduction Network

Bridging the Gap from Abstinence-based Addiction Treatment to Harm Reduction: My Personal Journey and It’s Impact on Being a Therapist
Barry Lessin, Independent, Dresher, PA

Cannabis as a facilitator of mindfulness: Implications for the treatment of addiction.
Amanda Reiman, PhD MSW, Drug Policy Alliance

Choosing an Alcohol Harm Reduction Goal
Kenneth Anderson, The HAMS Harm Reduction Network

DanceSafe as a Harm Reduction Organization
Missi Wooldridge, DanceSafe, Denver, CO

Deportacion y Drogas Inyectables En La Frontera
Andres Gaeta, Mexican Harm Reduction Network, Tijuana, Mexico

Developing a Homegrown Harm Reduction Conference
Heather Lusk, CHOW Project

Drugs are Disgusting! Moral Decision Making and Attitudes toward Drug Use and Harm Reduction
Jennifer R. Williams, Claremont Graduate University
Perilou Goddard & Kathleen Fuegen, Northern Kentucky University

Drugs For Treating Drug Addiction
Barry Zevin MD, Tom Waddell Health Center, San Francisco Department of Public Health Homeless Programs

Drug Injection Messiness, the Persistence of Hep C, and the Failure of Total Hygiene Interventions
Greg Scott, Chicago Recovery Alliance and DePaul University

Empowerment-Based Alternatives to the “War on Trafficking”
Emi Koyama, Independent, Portland, OR

Expanding Prescription Naloxone
Alexander Y. Walley and Maya Doe-Simkins, prescribetoprevent.org

From Underground to State-Funded: The History of Overdose Prevention/Naloxone Distribution in Massachusetts
Adam Butler, Jon Zibell, Kathy Day, Monique Tula and Gary Langis

Get the SKOOP: Skills and Knowledge on Overdose Prevention
Bill Matthews, RPA-C, Harm Reduction Coalition

Harm Reduction and the International Drug Control System
Allan Clear, Heather Haase, and Anistla Rugama, Harm Reduction Coalition

Have an Overdose Vigil: A How-To Workshop
Mary Wheeler, Program Director, Healthy Streets, Lynn, MA
Joanna Berton Martinez, Project Manager + Consultant, Boston, MA

I Don’t Want to Hurt You or Myself: An Awareness of & Addressing Depression in Black Gay Men
Antoine Craigwell, Depressed Black Gay Men (DBGM), New York, NY

Increasing Access to Care (ATC) for Homeless Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS: Harlem Model Implementation
Handout 1 – ATC Program Development Assessment Tool
Stephen Crowe and Liza Kasmara, Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Inc.

Keeping the Peace: Successfully Managing a Complex Staff Structure for a Harm Reduction Program
Marliss Taylor RN BScN, Ashley Schwanke LPN. Streetworks

Language of Stigma
Roxanne Baker, CMA, National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery

The Legal Fight for Harm Reduction
Scott Bernstein, Lawyer, Health and Drug Policy Campaign, Pivot Legal Society

LINCS : Using Harm Reduction while working together with HIV+ Patients in San Francisco Department of Public Health
Erin Antunez, SFDPH

Matters of Substance: Media Representations of Harm Reduction
Carson Benowitz-Fredericks, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, School of Public Health, Tiburon, CA

The Need for HIV Care Linkage In Baltimore
Jennifer Han, Baltimore City Health Department

Parallel Process: Any Positive Change for Organizations and Systems
Valery Shuman, Heartland Health Outreach, Midwest Harm Reduction Institute

Police and Overdose in Portland
Haven Wheelock, Outside In
Lindsay Jenkins, Multnomah County Health Department

Portland Bad Date Line: Limitations & Challenges
Emi Koyama, Independent, Portland, OR

Portuguese Drug Policy: Stay Human
Helen Redmond, Gibb Mansion, Brooklyn, NY

Prison Health Now: Mobilizing for Needle & Syringe Programs in Canada’s Prison -Handout One
Prison Health Now: Mobilizing for Needle & Syringe Programs in Canada’s Prison -Handout Two
Walter Cavalieri, Canadian Harm Reduction Network

Promoting Women’s Wellness in Syringe Exchange Program Drop-In Centers
Nicole Krempasky, Washington Heights CORNER Project

Psych Meds for Harm Reduction Providers
Barry Zevin MD, Tom Waddell Health Center, San Francisco Department of Public Health Homeless Programs

Public Attitudes Towards Safer Drug Use Practices in British Columbia (BC)
Despina Tzemis, Margot Kuo, Jane Buxton, BC Centre for Disease Control

Reaching Injection Drug Users: A case study of NYC Syringe Exchange Programs to provide HIV, STD, viral hepatitis and TB related services
Jennifer Fuld, Program Collaboration and Service Integration (PCSI) Coordinator, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH)

Reclaiming “Victim” and Embracing Unhealthy Coping
Emi Koyama, Independent, Portland, OR

Re-Envisioning Addiction Treatment: A Six-Point Plan
Scott Kellogg, PhD, New York University
Andrew Tatarsky, PhD, Center For Optimal Living

Scaling Up: Philly, HCV, and IDU
Alex Shirreffs, MPH, Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Sexual Transmission of HIV/HCV among IDUs
Oralia Loza, University of Texas

Shared Decision Making: A New Recovery Support
Wayne Centrone, Center for Social Innovation, Boston, MA

Shootin’ with Care: Safer Injection – Introduction
Shootin’ with Care: Safer Injection – Part 1
Shootin’ with Care: Safer Injection – Part 2
Terry Morris, The Speed Project SFAF

Syringes in Paradise: Over 20 Years of Syringe Exchange in Hawaiʿi
Heather Lusk, CHOW Project

The Take Home Naloxone Program in British Columbia, Canada
Erin Gibson, Despina Tzemis, Jane Buxton, BC Centre for Disease Control

To call 911 or not to call 911? Overdose help-seeking
Alexander Y. Walley and Maya Doe-Simkins

Toward the Heart: Social Media Tool for Harm Reduction Knowledge Exchange in British Columbia, Canada
Despina Tzemis, Michaela Montaner, Jane A Buxton, Harm Reduction Program, BC Centre for Disease Control

TRUST: Second Acts in Young Lives
Nancy Kelly, Kelly+Yamamoto Productions

Underage Drinking, Respect for the Law, and Fitting In: Were the Prophets of Prohibition Right?
Hope Dischar & Perilou Goddard, Department of Psychological Science, Northern Kentucky University

Unpacking the Media Spectacle of Sex Trafficking
Emi Koyama, Independent, Portland, OR

UPRISE Peer Training Program: Uniting Peers for the Rights of Injectors and Sex Workers Everywhere
Johanna Breyer, New York Harm Reduction Educators, Bronx, NY

Using Harm Reduction When Working with SMI Populations
Cynthia Hoffman, MFT

Vein Care: Tips & Tricks
Lara Coffin, People’s Harm Reduction Alliance

Warm Hand Off: Integrating Syringe Exchange, Treatment and Primary Care
Haven Wheelock, Syringe Exchange Coordinator, Outside In
Katie Kirkman, RISE Case Manager, Outside In
Eowyn Rieke, Medical Doctor, Outside In

Working with People on Probation and Parole from a Harm Reduction Perspective
Cynthia Hoffman, Independent, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Plummer, Harm Reduction Therapy Center,San Francisco, CA

Working with Substance Using Sex Workers from a Harm Reduction Perspective – PPT
Handout 1 – How to be an Ally to Sex Workers
Handout 2 – Sex Work Reading List
Stephen Crowe, MSW, Access to Care (ATC), Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Inc. and PROS Network, Co-Founder

Harm Reduction Therapy: Treating Trauma
Mariko Obrero, Jeremy Rhoades, and Jennifer Plummer, Harm Reduction Therapy Center

XXX Threat: HIV, Drug Addiction, Sex Work
Nancy Gunnarson, Certified HIV Tester and Counselor, Philadelphia FIGHT

Youth vs. the Social Service Industrial Complex: How Anti-Trafficking Hysteria Is Dismantling Harm Reduction Movement
Emi Koyama, Independent, Portland, OR

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