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The Harm Reduction Incubator

What is the Harm Reduction Incubator?

The Harm Reduction Incubator offers program incubation services, including fiscal sponsorship and the associated administrative services, providing visionary community leaders and their fledgling harm reduction organizations with the support and infrastructure necessary to develop and grow their programs in a manner that allows for maximum impact and ongoing sustainability.

Why develop a Harm Reduction Incubator?

This model allows programs to scale ideas and create an impact in their communities months—if not years— faster than if they were doing it alone.

There is a growing and immediate need for harm reduction services and evidence-based practices at a local and national level. The Harm Reduction Incubator provides advocates and service providers with the necessary infrastructure to respond quickly and effectively to emerging needs, as well as providing ongoing administrative and support services to make a lasting impact. The Harm Reduction Incubator leverages 25 years of administrative experience in the service of community-based harm reduction organizations that are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of people who use drugs.

Pilot Phase

The Harm Reduction Incubator is currently in its pilot phase. In order to effectively and efficiently provide fiscal sponsorship services to a growing number of organizations, Harm Reduction Coalition is currently working with legal and financial experts versed in incubation services and fiscal sponsorship to ensure the development of the best-informed policies and procedures to vet new organizations, define and structure the relationships/partnerships, and spin-off stable, sustainable, and successful programs that are ready to stand on their own.

If you are interested in receiving services or becoming a project of the Harm Reduction Incubator, please feel free to fill out the following form. Since this project is in the pilot phase, we are not actively recruiting participants. Someone will contact you when we are able to begin taking on new projects.

Active Projects

If you are interested in supporting the Harm Reduction Incubator, please contact lopez [a] harmreduction.org.

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